Magnetic Port Plug - 3/4" NPT

Magnetic drain plugs are similar to standard pipe or straight thread drain plugs with one important difference - a permanent magnet is fastened to the plug body. This magnet attracts and holds abrasive, ferrous metal particles preventing their circulation through the
lubrication or hydraulic system.  These abrasive, ferrous metal particles appear in lubricating or hydraulic systems as a result of the following conditions:

• The constant flaking effect of normal wear of moving parts.
• Particles not removed by flushing operations after boring or machining.
• Chipping due to sub-surface casting flaws.
• Minute component breakdown caused by stress usage.

Magnetic Drain Plugs prevent excessive wear to the system's components. Magnetic Plugs are used by numerous manufacturers of gear boxes, transmissions, engines, and hydraulic systems for the automotive, aircraft, agricultural and machinery industries.

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