Custom Tank Request

Custom Tank Request

Your submittals will be reproduced using in-house methods of construction which may require subtle deviations from the original.  Therefore, approval drawings will be submitted to the customer for evaluation and sign-off before the tank is built.  Custom designed tanks are proprietary to the initial buyer; the design is exclusive to the company of the individual submitting the proposed tank.

When submitting drawings on a title block, the title block must belong to the buyer or the customer.  
If submitting the customer’s title block, proof of permission is required.  
Redacted title blocks and modified copies of printed literature are not acceptable and may be declined without comment.

In other words:  the buyer or customer must take ownership of the design being submitted.


Contact Information


Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Dimensions (inches)

Step 4

Porting (Type / Quantity / Size / Location )

Step 5

Other Options (Baffles, Vents, Gauge, Fills, Diffusers, Suction Strainers, Etc.) Type / Quantity / Location

Step 6

List any special requirements /Additional Notes

Submit sketch(s) or orthographic drawing(s) showing as many views as necessary to convey all the information. *Please specify front view for reference and mark all fitting locations (fill, vent, return, etc.)

JPG, PDF, DXF, DWG formats are preferred no larger than 15MB