Assembling and Packaging

Standard Sized products are boxed and Pallet-Loaded, 

Other Products are directly pallet-loaded for shipment.


Boxed Tanks


The first step is to install the fill assembly and any other accessories that the tank may require, i.e. sight temp gauges, plugs, port covers.¹ 

Once all the parts are installed, every product is throughly cleaned to remove any dust or debris that remains.

After cleaning, tanks are placed inside of a box containing a plastic bag to avoid “cardboard rub” or any other surface scratches that might occur during transport.

The tank bags are wrapped tightly around the tank.

It is after this step that additional accessory boxes are dropped in.

Once the product and accessories are in the same box, a thin sheet of film is placed around the tank to prep it for foaming.

Spray foam is applied liberally around the tank to prevent movement inside of the package and/or any damage that may occur while in transit.

Once the foam process is complete, the box is closed and then strapped and/or glued. This step ensures that boxes do not open during transport.

After strapping, boxes are stacked onto pallets according to order and banded down.

The final step is to place the finished pallet on the wrapper to secure the freight for shipment.

¹Rust inhibitor is applied to the interior of all steel tanks before assembly 


A sheet of thick plastic or cardboard is placed on an empty pallet and the tanks are stacked neatly on top.

Styrofoam is packed and layered so that tanks do not rub and/or scratch if/when they come into contact with another tank.

Special attention is paid to ensure there is no “metal on metal” during this process.

¹Rust inhibitor is applied to the interior of all steel tanks before assembly 
²On pallet-loaded tanks, parts are often packed in a separate box to avoid damage during shipment.
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